Maintainer Documentation

This section contains some information that’s useful for Pencil maintainers.

Creating a New Release

There’s a script that lives in the build/ directory. This script automates:

  1. Creating a release branch
  2. Updating the version number
  3. Sectioning off the changelog
  4. Updating distribution-specific files
  5. Creating a release commit & tag
  6. Pushing the branch to origin
  7. Creating a release on Github
  8. Uploading the built packages to the Github release

You will need git, curl, sed and jshon. Then you can just pass the new version number to the script:

cd build
./ 2.4.42

Once the script is complete, you will have to manually merge the release branch into the master and develop branches, then delete the release branch:

git checkout master
git merge release-v2.4.42
git push origin
git checkout develop
git merge release-v2.4.42
git push origin

git push origin :release-v2.4.42
git branch -d release-v2.4.42